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Guide to help you set your downloaded ringtone to your phone.



  • Computer with itunes

Note (safari browser)

Safari will add an extention .mp4 on downloaded iphone ringtones.
You have to remove that added extention and leave the .m4r extention eg. example.m4r.mp4 rename to example.m4r

Step 1
 adding file to itunes

Add your downloaded file to itunes, automatically itunes will recognise them as ringtones and add them to the tones section.

Step 2
 choose tones icon

Connect your iPhone to the computer and click on as soon as it is recognised by itunes.

On the settings menu click on the tones option. Make sure Sync Tones is checked.

If you choose selected tones rather than All tones make sure you choose the ringtones you want to be added to your iPhone.
Click Apply at the bottom to start the sync.


Step 1

Download the MP3 files to your phone.

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